Not Your Momma’s Sunburn

It still amazes me how little people understand sun safety!  Ok, so you remember your mom pouring on baby oils and frying in the sun for hours, when you were a kid, and she doesn’t have skin cancer? You figure you can do the same, because good genes, right? Let me give you a quick lesson:


The ozone depletion in the last 30 years allows more uv to to pass through the atmosphere. (Read: The UV rays are more dangerous now than when your mom was our with the baby oil.) 


In just the past decade (2008 – 2018) the number of new melanoma cases diagnosed annually has increased by 53 percent.




UV-B damages DNA by tangling and distorting its ladder-like structure, causing a range of health problems such as skin cancer and diseases affecting the immune system. That’s not just causing a little sun damage and aging on over exposed skin. IT’S CHANGING DNA. 


Last year, a study was published showing that the ozone hole likely would have become a year-round fixture and UV radiation would increase 650 percent by 2065 in mid-latitude cities if not for the Montreal Protocol, an international treaty signed in 1987 that limited the amount of ozone-depleting gases countries could emit. 


The modern focus in ozone research also has shifted to include the effects of climate change. Twenty years ago we went out of our way to separate ozone depletion from climate change...After a decade of looking at data, the community realizes they are linked in subtle but profoundly important ways.


Please let’s protect ourselves and our kiddos from the damaging rays of the sun, there are so many sun safe products out there today to help us safely enjoy the outdoors. Leave the baby oil to the nursery! 





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