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Singing the Winter Blues

Though I’m biased in thinking Massage Therapy is the cure for everything, 😉 I do know that I’m always happier on sunny days, and these midwestern winters have me tired 24/7. 

 If you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, you may think the best treatment (aside from to migration!) is using a tanning bed.  Your Dr. might even have suggested this as an answer to the doldrums....but will you ultimately trade some rushes of endorphins, for some skin cancers, with this risky behavior?

I spent every winter of my 20’s baking in a tanning bed, telling myself it’s what kept me going during those dreary and cold months. Now, I spend every winter regretting those days, and wishing I knew then what I’ve since taken time to learn...when it comes to S.A.D., it’s all about the eyes. 


Confused?  According to Michael Terman, PHD, there is a safer way to combat these seasonal blues, without risking UV exposure.  Read all about it here

Love the grey hat in the photo?! It’s perfect for some winter sun protection! Find that here




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  • Great read! I just told Chris today I felt like I suffer from seasonal depression and felt it would be a good idea to go to the tanning bed. I will definitely find a safer alternative.

    Kendal Tierney-Hurst

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