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Why Gifts of Comfort During Grief?

 I’ve linked an article that I ❤️  that suggests things to give someone who is grieving, instead of flowers. While working in a funeral home when I was younger, I was amazed at the amount of money spent on flowers and plants...and that so many were left behind or discarded after the funerals ended. I swore I would always use my money to contribute to something more meaningful, but without a plan, that rarely happened. I too have spent thousands of dollars over the years on flowers when someone has passed, and was disappointed in myself each time.This is the EXACT reason I created a “Gifts of Comfort” Collection in my online shop.

Flowers are so lovely, but it’s difficult for a grieving family to enjoy them in those first couple weeks of grief. They require some work, fresh water and clearing away wilted pieces, and the smell starts reminding you of....funerals....Plants are a nice alternative but again, they require maintenance, which may be too much to ask of the bereaved early on. 

Items, such as stones and statues and ornaments tend to become dust collectors in their own depressive vignettes, or they are put away and forgotten. 

The idea of a selfwatering plant grow kit that can be put away until the recipient is emotionally ready sends the same sentiment as flowers or plants, without the burden of transport or immediate attention. Something like a spruce allows them to replant where and whenever they want. 

Self care gifts are also thoughtful, as they can be used when the receiver is ready, and reminds them it’s ok to slow down and take time for themselves. 

I hope you enjoy the read, and next time you are in this type of situation, check out my Gifts Of Comfort Collection, or reach out and see if we can find a better solution! ❤️


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