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Hi! I’m Amanda, the scatterbrained mastermind behind Best Day Ever Gifts! By trade, I’m a seasoned Massage Therapist. (15 years is a good seasoning!)  While I still massage and love it, I have another passion, GIFTS! Receiving them is pretty sweet, but creating them is where the fun is for me! I like it even more when I’m not the one paying for them,ha! For years friends & business associates have asked me to shop & create gifts for them, for personal gifts as well as proffessional. What’s my number one love language?Gifts. Go figure. 

In addition to stretching my creative muscles, I really enjoy finding awesome products and service providers that are unique, have a super cause behind them, or go above and beyond to create an amazing experience for their patrons. Therefore, I am very picky in my selection of gifting partners. Hopefully this reflects in my gifts! 

While the idea of a Curated or Concierge Gift service itself is not unique, I have a couple factors that I’m confident help set me apart. The first is where my idea actually evolved from....Gift options for my local community, an Illinois suburb of St. Louis. There are some sweet local businesses here that are like hidden gems, waiting to be discovered! If your gift recipient is local to me, I work hard to keep all the gift sourcing local! 

The second differentiating aspect is a more somber one, gifts for those who are grieving and/or ill. After working in a funeral home as a teen and then having baby brother suffer through a terminal illness, I have seen a myriad of gifts people send to convey their love,support, and well wishes. While the thought behind them are what truly matters, it’s my mission to provide some meaningful alternatives to flowers, statues, and knick knacks. 

Last but so totally not least, I decided having a gifting business would  help me spread awareness about something close to my heart and another of my organs, Skin Cancer. As a melanoma patient myself, and having one of my children genetically pre-disposed to the disease, it’s become extremely obvious the lack of knowledge and awareness there is about the disease, even among the healthcare industry! If I can help change that in even the smallest way possible, I will feel a small sense of accomplishment in giving back. I’ve had great support from MDSOLARSCIENCES, who has donated graciously sunscreen samples and educational media, and also have found some amazing guidance in a non profit organization I’m proud to be apart of, Melanoma Action Coalition. 

I hope you enjoy my services, and am always open to feedback!