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a little about best day ever gifts

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Hi! I’m Amanda, the scatterbrained mastermind behind Best Day Ever Gifts! By trade, I’m a seasoned Massage Therapist. (15 years is a good seasoning!)  While I still massage and love it, I have another passion, GIFTS! Receiving them is pretty sweet, but creating them is where the fun is for me! For years friends & business associates have asked me to shop & arrange gift boxes and baskets for them, for professional & personal needs. Most of the time it’s been last minute, so I started keeping supplies in on hand, which led me to make it an official business! 

In addition to stretching my creative muscles with putting together gifts, I try to find ways to support Skin Cancer Awareness. When I became a Melanoma Patient myself, it became extremely obvious the lack of knowledge and awareness there is when it comes to prevention & detection of skin cancer... even among the healthcare industry! My hope is to change that, one gift at a time.

Using sales profits to give money to various 501(c)’s, donating sunscreen, and funding community & social media education efforts, Best Day Ever Gifts, L.L.C. has become my way to give others the gift of knowledge. Thanks for supporting that cause! ❤️

Happy shopping!