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Best Day Ever Skin Cancer Awareness, Ltd

You’ve landed at the newly formed Skin Cancer Awareness non-profit page! Please be patient as the kinks are worked out! 

Hi! I’m the Founder/President, Amanda. This page is a work in progress, but here’s a little history: 

After starting my online gift shop and literally donating all the profit to one noble cause or another, I decided to have something solely dedicated to bringing awareness to the prevention & detection of skin cancer. I’m fortunate to have friends and acquaintances willing to support my idea, and at the end of 2019, the first steps were taken towards forming  Best Day Ever! Skin Cancer Awareness, Ltd. 

Utilizing social media, awareness messages can be sent far and wide. I realized how effective this was when several friends from my personal Facebook account started messaging me in reference to skin cancer. They’d tell me they were paying closer attention to their skin, or booking their first skin exam with a dermatologist, or sending me photos of their relatives’ skin lesions....( btw, just because I know the red flag indicators of skin cancer, doesn’t mean I’m going to try and guess a diagnosis!! I will always advise to have your skin checked by a Board Certified Dermatologist!! If it concerns you enough to snap a pic, it’s concerning enough to be seen by a Physician!)  

Closer to home, in military-heavy suburbs of St. Louis, Skin Cancer Awareness is sorely needed. Opportunities abound in various settings, including schools, community groups, and especially within beauty and wellness businesses. 

Although in January of 2019 the State of Illinois passed a bill based off the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery’s  model Sunucate legislation , most schools in the St. Louis metro-East did not introduce any sun-safety teacher trainings....or student programs. Hopefully, we can see this start to change in 2020. 


As more progress is made within this organization, this page will be updated with specific events and efforts. In the meantime, feel free to shop the store! 

Also please check out the blog, and follow along on social media, to learn or review some great skin cancer & sun safety info! 

Be #shamelesslysunsafe