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Self Care Set-Lavender Love
Self Care Set-Lavender Love
Self Care Set-Lavender Love

Self Care Set-Lavender Love

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In addition to the healing and relaxing properties of Lavender, did you know it also attracts butterflies?

Gift yourself or someone else this luxurious gift filled with Lavender goodness from Waxing Kara and Modern Sprout! A wonderful gift for anyone who can use some relaxation in their life! Great for any type of occasion!

Heres whats included:

Lavendar Grow Kit:All-inclusive English Lavender indoor grow kit packaged in a wax-coated and water-tight recycledpaper tube planter. This highly versatile and aromatic herb features slender sage green stems and delicate clusters of purple blooms. Kit includes two wicking grow mediums that are strategically layered to provide plants with the perfect balance of water, nutrients and oxygen.

Made in the USA. Specs: 5" x 4"

Stainless steel tea strainer: will come in handy, since these are loose teas.

Peace on Earth Soy Candle :Soothing Lavender and Warm Vanila and sunny lavender combines with gentle vanilla in our Peace on Earth Soy Tin Candle.

Peace Soak:designed to detox and soothe your whole body. Featuring Dead Sea and epsom salts, Peace Soak provides magical healing properties, though there is no real magic. Its all about minerals and magnesium (that we are all usually lacking) that feed your aching bodyand soothe your soul. Peace Soak features hand-harvested lavender buds.

Raven Tea:BlendedEarl Grey tea with dried lavender blossoms creates a robust, floral, and mysterious brew. (Caffeineated)

Lavender Honey Lollipops:crushed dried lavender and raw honey. You get 2.