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Marine Guardian™ Balancing Cleanser

Marine Guardian™ Balancing Cleanser

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A mild, all-in-one cleanser that is made with our vitamin rich Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth™ infused with coconut water that offers unique cleansing and a skin hydrating experience. This superior holistic seaweed, coconut water based cleanser, is sulfate free. This extraordinary cleanser offers soothing anti-inflammatory Meadowfoam seed oil, Camellia Oil, Chamomile and Melissa Officinalis to offer a balanced cleansing. Excellent for removing makeup.

How to Use: Cleanse your skin in the evening. Morning also if you want, but it is not necessary. Apply a quarter size amount from the bottle on your fingers and apply to the face and neck. Using gentle circular strokes glide the cleanser on your skin. Add a little water to make a slight foam. No sulfates so the lather is minimal. Rinse off well. If you are wearing makeup, repeat this step for a complete cleanse.

Vinni’s Tips: This cleanser is great. It feels amazing and it leaves the skin feeling so hydrated and clean. Men love to shave with this. Only apply on skin that is not wet.

Consumer Study Results: 55 people tested this over a 30 day period. 55 people said they would never wash their skin with anything else, that’s how much they liked this skin cleanser.


Hero Ingredients: Biogenic Seaweed Antioxidant Broth™, Coconut water, Decyl glucoside, Blueberry Oil, Bifida Ferment Lysate, White Green Tea extract, Red Fijian Seaweed extract, Marula Oil,Neroli, Meadowfoam Seed oil, Camellia oil, Calendula, Rice Bran oil, Mandarin oil, Sweet Orange oil, Turmeric, , Barley extract (probiotic)