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Over EZ -Hangover Prevention Capsules
Over EZ -Hangover Prevention Capsules
Over EZ -Hangover Prevention Capsules
Over EZ -Hangover Prevention Capsules
Over EZ -Hangover Prevention Capsules

Over EZ -Hangover Prevention Capsules

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Over EZ Hangover Prevention and Hangover Cure with Milk Thistle, Morning Recovery After Alcohol, Liver Detox with Amino Acids, Vitamin B6 and B12, Hangover Pill with 1000 milligrams

No more day-after hangovers. Wake up feeling refreshed.

Over EZ is a natural dietary supplement made with high-performance vitamins and minerals. 

We all know the obvious causes of hangover symptoms: drinking too much, partying too hard, and not getting enough rest. But what actually causes a hangover?

When alcohol goes through your liver it produces the toxin acetaldehyde, which is the real culprit. Over-EZ helps eliminate that toxin using 3 clinically-tested ingredients – milk thistle, Vitamin B1. B6, B12, and amino acids – to give you energy in the morning instead of being tired, cranky, and nauseous.

About the product:

  • -A natural way to feel refreshed after a night of drinking.
  • -100% all-natural pill that prevents hangover symptoms and replenishes vital nutrients
  • -Smart 2 phase technology:
  • -Phase 1: Blocks hangovers at the source. Works by flushing the toxins responsible for hangover symptoms
  • -Phase 2: Reloads your body with vitamins and minerals lost from a night of drinking.
  • Enriched with zinc, magnesium, B Complex, milk thistle, chicory root, amla extract, Chinese date, grape extract, and beet juice
  • Individually packaged in convenient travel packets
  • Clinically-tested, Health Canada approved and FDA-registered

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