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Pendant Grow Light
Pendant Grow Light

Pendant Grow Light

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You don’t need windows to grow your green babes with this little light! Full spectrum LEDs supply an ideal balance of light for vegetative plants and seed starting. LEDs run at low temps thus eliminating the risk of burning young seedlings/plants. With the timer set, the light automatically turns on and off ensuring your plants get plenty of light every day.

But how do the grow lights work? You’ve probably heard of photosynthesis, the process by which plants make food by trapping light energy in their leaves. That light has many different colors in it. Chlorophyll, a plant pigment which does the trapping and creates energy for the plant, usually absorbs red and blue light. These two colors’ specific wavelength range, called Photosynthetically Active Radiation (or PAR for short), falls within 400 nanometer (nm) to 700 nm wavelengths, perfect for Chlorophyll A and B to manufacture sugar to fuel plant growth.

This full-spectrum grow light provides both of these ranges in high amounts as well as in between ranges, too, which are important to other plant pigments. Even better? The combination of all spectrums is emitted as a natural, warm sun-like white color instead of the harsh bluish glare of other commercial grow lights.


*photos and description courtesy of Mod Sprout LLC


Size: 7.5”d x 5.5”h

Weight: 1 lb

UL Certified 12' Power Cord

2-year limited warranty on LED bulb.