SUN Box - Not Another Beauty Box
SUN Box - Not Another Beauty Box
SUN Box - Not Another Beauty Box
SUN Box - Not Another Beauty Box
SUN Box - Not Another Beauty Box

SUN Box - Not Another Beauty Box

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Boxes will ship August 20th, November 20th, February 20th, and May 20th. 

  • Have you been on a quest for the perfect sunscreen? One that’s not too light or dark, too sticky, slimy, drying, cakey,stinky, stinging, sheer, thick, etc...?
  • Have you wondered what all the fuss has been about in regards to physical sunscreens and chemical? 
  • Are you trying to preserve your youthful appearance as much as possible? 
  • Have you wondered why there’s so much talk these days about skin cancer?
  • Do you feel you are getting enough Vitamin D in just those waning hours of evening after work, or as a weekend warrior? 
  • Are you on the hunt for the best anti-aging products and procedures out there? 
  • Do you have darkened areas on your skin? “Sun spots”, or Melasma?
  • Has anyone in your life been affected by skin cancer?
  • Do you like free things? 
  • Do you like having and knowing about products before your friends? 
  • Are you a trendsetter?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this box is for you!

S.U.N. Box was created for three reasons:


  1. To introduce you to the best sun protection (which translates to anti aging)products the market has to offer, for less than retail, or free! (We all know good spf can be pricey, and spending $60 on a bottle of something you end up hating is never cool. Ever.) 
  2. FUN education on the sun and your skin. Even if you never knew you wanted to learn anything about the sun, or your largest organ,  its going to happen without you even realizing it!  Think of this box as a knowledge ninja!
  3. To help spread Skin Cancer Awareness. 

  Retail value per box exceeds $175.

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