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A daily gummy for healthy, younger-looking skin.

*Not to be used in place of SUNSCREEN or other sun protection. 

Active Ingredient: 

 Polypodium Leucotomos , a fern native to Central and South America that has been used for centuries to help protect the skin.

Over 30 years of clinical research in people has shown polypodium helps protect our body from the damaging effects of the sun and our environment.


Active Ingredient: Vitamin D

30-50% of US adults lack adequate Vitamin D, a nutrient providing key skin anti-aging and bone health benefits.

That's why each Sundaily gummy also include 800 IU of vegan Vitamin D - 100% of the best recommended dose


Other Ingredients: 

Organic tapioca syrup
Provides gummy body and structure

Organic cane sugar and invert sugar
Required to support pectin to form gummy

Apple pectin
Provides gummy body and structure

Organic tapioca maltodextrin
Provides gummy body and structure

Sodium citrate and citric acid
Supports pectin, adjusts gummy pH

Organic orange oil
Provides delicious, all-natural flavor